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Camaro Driver Fools Around Only To Mess Up In Hilarious Crash

Justice is blind, which is why every annoying traffic participant will get what he deserves in due time. Also, as all of us have encountered situations in traffic which left us really angry, we love watching those street vandals getting hit by instant karma.

Mostly, videos showing someone who is crushed by karma involve an accident of some kind. So does this video of a black Camaro driving like a stupid – and possibly drunk – idiot who first speeds past the car filming the video. As you can see, the Camaro dashes along the road only to break check his pursuer three times.

Afterwards, the Camaro continues driving recklessly and finally comes to a halt at a red traffic light. At this point it is quite surprising that he actually uses his left indicator. Anyway, what’s even more suprising – or not, depending on where you stand – is what happens next.

As the traffic lights go green, the Camaro accelerates excessively and the driver kind of loses control over the vehicle. He begins to slinger and finally runs up a telephone pole at the right side of the road. But somehow the driver doesn’t seem to realise that his back wheels went off the ground. As he tries to back up, the Camaro’s wheels just spin around helplessly – which makes for quite a wretched view…

What do you think? Did you have a good laugh? In your opinion, did the Camaro’s driver get what he deserved? Let us know in the comments below.

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