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Camaro Driver Makes Stupid Move As He Overtakes Journalist Into Oncoming Traffic

Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire YouTube channel is one of our favourite motoring journalists on the internet. He’s been doing this for a long time and has made the round across several of YouTube’s largest channels.

Since finding more success from moving to shorter, less produced videos on his own channel, Farah has seen more bad driving on the mountains of LA than most. From hikers doing push-ups in the middle of the road to a truck towing a log down a mountain road, the man’s literally seen it all as he talks to the camera from the driver’s seat.

His latest video, a review of the Porsche Macan T alongside his colleague and friend Zack Klapman, begins with quite the surprise.

The Macan T is Porsche’s latest go at giving the standard Macan some running shoes. It’s got a recalibrated chassis, stiffer anti-roll bars, and has been lowered by 15mm. There are a few exterior changes in the way of a front splitter, sideblades, and a spoiler, and some 20-inch wheels visually sink the large SUV towards the ground.

There’s a little less weight making the car more agile, but 263bhp will only take this behemoth of a car so far with 0-62mph coming in at 6.2 seconds. This, apparently, wasn’t fast enough for the Camaro following Matt and Zack on their run.

“Oh God, look who’s behind us,” Matt says as the Camaro approaches from behind.

“There’s a Camaro right behind us driving up our a*s that performed some of the worst driving we have ever seen this morning.

I’m gonna pull out of the way because this guy is going to have a crash and I don’t want to be part of it.”

Matt pulls off the road and the Camaro, moving across double yellows onto the wrong side of the road on a blind corner, overtakes them. But after successfully passing the Porsche, he stays on the left side of the road and, as you’d expect, meets a car coming the other way.

He just manages to swerve back onto the right side of the road as Matt and Zack wince.

“And there, he almost killed somebody,” Matt tells the camera.

Zakk continues:

“This is his second lap doing this, running over the double yellows, sometimes around entire blind corners.”

The video continues and barely down the road they see the Camaro pull over with its hazards on.

Zack gave viewers an update on what happened in the comments of the video after the driver got in touch with him on Instagram.

Zack wrote:

“Update: I spoke to the Camao driver via IG. The driver apologized profusely. He had received some extremely bad news that morning and wasn’t in the right headspace to be driving. He’s also learned some bad VERY habits from other people that drive the canyons at night (I.E. crossing yellow touge style). I was empathetic (to the news he’d received) but told him to stop driving dangerously, do some track or Auto-X days, and learn responsible canyon driving so that he can enjoy this hobby for decades to come. – Zack”

Watch the full video above. And just a note: If something’s happened in your life that makes you want to drive dangerously, or if you just want to do it for fun… do it on a track. Please don’t put other people in danger because you’re having a bad day.

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