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Car World Reacts To Travis Pastrana 2022 Gymkhana

Fans are already going wild for the latest video released by Hoonigan with Travis Pastrana doing a Gymkhana around the streets around Florida.

The series, originally made famous by rally driver Ken Block, is of rally cars doing insane stunts alongside other crazy vehicles. This one in particular includes crab-walking monster trucks, helicopters, and scoot-skiers. Captioning the video, Hoonigan wrote:

“Leave it to Travis Pastrana to give us one of the most rowdy Gymkhana videos ever — a jet, a chopper, boats, a scoot-ski, 165mph jumps, and more pucker moments than we’d like to remember. If this is what a Pastrana family vacation looks like in Florida, sign us up.”

The video starts by showing a glimpse of Pastrana’s recent base jumping accident where he parachute did not deploy properly after he jumped out of a sky scraper. The impact to the ground caused him to break his hip, according to the end of the video. Just a short while after, the action driver went on to film the Gymkhana, and it’s safe to say fans were not surprised by this at all!

One fan commented:

“t wouldn’t be a Travis Pastrana exclusive without him getting hurt right out of the gate”

Other fans were full of praise of the video, saying:

“This is insane!! especially that 165mph jump. I was like “please make it”. Cause that nose landing could have been disastrous if it was incorrect. Glad to see he was okay through it all. And another Gymkhana masterpiece.”

“This was BEAUTIFUL!! Shout out to the HOONIGAN team and Travis’ team. This has leveled up the Gymkhana series for sure!” [sic]

“Now I can’t decide which gymkhana video of 2022 I like the most. You guys drive a hard bargain. Awesome job to the guys at Hoonigan for having such an epic lineup of action this year.”

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