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Carbon Fiber V8 Alfa Romeo Giulia Looks Mean


Freelance concept artist and designer, Khyzyl Saleem, has been pushing out some awesome renders of late. One of these striking works is his V8 Carbon Giulia 488, which imagines the iconic Alfa Romeo Giulia, but with a ton of carbon kit, and the internal workings of a Ferrari 488!

As far as renders go, this design grounds itself in reality, albeit not so much practicality. The idea of blazing through a winding country road with the power of a 488’s 711hp 3.9L V8, inside of the tiny body of a Giulia seems so fanciful. Yet, the bare carbon-fiber panels, skirts, and hood cutouts all seem like something you would see on the coolest ride at a carshow.

In other words, the lack of ostentatious wings and lasers, makes this seem more sensible than the internals would suggest. Something about the dark brown body, which is actually also carbon, mixes very well with the dark bare panels which have been very meticulously bolted on. The wheels, also bare carbon, fit ever so snuggly on the wide tires, which of course, wouldn’t help when leaving parking garages, or trying to get over speedbumps.

Other than the obvious Asian characters which have been placed on the plates and windshield, there are clear references to the Tokyo Drift aesthetic. Honestly, this cosmopolitan creation shows off the possibilities of looking to the past, but thinking in the future.

Top marks to Khyzyl, this V8 Carbon Giulia truly rocks, and I look forward to seeing more of his work. Hopefully someone bankrolls some IRL builds like this one of these days.

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