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Check Out Colin Furze’s Majestic Drivable Hot Tub

YouTube inventor and alternate-universe Bond villain Colin Furze has really outdone himself this time. For the purposes of a Google advertisement (how Google worded their initial request I would love to see), he has somehow waterproofed the interior of a convertible BMW, wrapped the car in grass, installed lovely wood decking on the back, and converted it into, quite literally, the ultimate summer vehicle.

The BMW’s waterproofing allows it to be filled with water and taken out on the road, albeit with water sloshing over the sides like a capsizing yacht. While the water probably does detract slightly from the BMW’s acceleration and top speed, the uncompromising luxury afforded by driving a heated pool is a more than a worthy tradeoff. The water is heated by coils embedded around the interior, and bubbles are provided by two leaf blowers with their triggers held down by zip ties.

But wait, there’s more! If you get hungry on your journey in the Convertapool (the car’s other nicknames include Spa Car, BMBubbleU and Jacruzzi) and fancy a juicy burger or steak, you can use the convenient grill installed on the trunk lid to warm up some summertime treats.

To top it off, the car even has some fantastic side exhausts, giving the car a sporty touch. Hopefully it will go on sale to the public sooner rather than later, but if it doesn’t, it at least belongs in some kind of museum. After Google’s done with it, that is.

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