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Check Out This Bugatti Chiron Inspired Watch Worth $280,000 With Its Own W16

For those hard-working few that can afford to scoff at the destitute masses who purchase a Hublot Big Bang timepiece (approx $20k) or a completely plebian Rolex (approx $2k-10k) or (GASP) an iWatch, the watchmakers of Jacob and Co are coming to the rescue.  The partnership between Jacob and Co and Bugatti has inspired a new timepiece.  The new watch contains a moving, replica W16 Bugatti Chiron Engine, complete with moving pistons and crankshaft, mounted on tiny replica shocks, to tell you what time it is.

This watch is definitely an amazingly detailed and beautiful piece of art.  The $3M Bugatti Chiron that inspired it surely is as well.  The company says that the moving crankshaft inside the watch is one of the “smallest and most complicated watch parts ever manufactured”, and that certainly demands respect.  The movements and general look of the watch will certainly draw attention and admiration to the wearer.  One look at all those tiny moving pieces and it’s easy to imagine fantasize about owning one.

We don’t yet have exact figures as to the number of these watches that will be made, but if you’re planning on buying one, you’d better hustle, as these Bugatti-partnership watches are made in very small quantities.

Although nice to look at, the Jacob and Co watch inspired by the Bugatti Chiron is a crazy watch, with a crazy-watch price at more than $280,000.00.  I can’t imagine spending the equivalent of 14 Subaru Impreza’s on something as ridiculous as a watch.  Doesn’t everyone check the time on their phone these days anyway?

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