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Check Out This Ferrari V8-Swapped BMW E92 M3

It’s safe to say this era of BMW M3, the E92, didn’t receive as much love from fans as the earlier M cars. The German legend became bloated and its sweet inline-6 was traded out for a V8. It slowly won the hearts of some, but the E46, for a lot of people, will be the last great M3.

But hey, what about something different? This E92 has had its German heart swapped for something a little more romantic. This is the first-ever Ferrari engine-swapped M3 in the world as far as we can tell, and it’s stunning.

The floatplane V8 howls like the Bimmer should, and out goes the automatic – yep, this is a manual, too. Could it get any better? Well, check outside the car and it’s widened with a Pandem body kit, its headlamps have been darkened, and it now adorns a set of 19-inch wheels and a cute little ducktail spoiler. Originally a convertible, the roof has now been welded up, too.

Now the team behind this build have reached something close to perfection, they’re keen to see what more power they can extract from this Italian lump. Of course, this means a set of turbos. Very exciting.

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