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Chevrolet Corvette C8: Customer Lets Dealer Spec Their Own Car

To a lot of us out there, if we were spending big bucks on a 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, we’d be quite happy with how it came out of the Chevy factory as nature intended – however to some, they’d spend hours and hours tirelessly speccing out their Stingray, and for good reason.

However, there is also a few of us out there, who if we had the money, would forego all that hard work and pay someone else to do it for them. That is exactly what we’ve got here, with the owner of the Corvette asking his local dealer, Bachman Chevrolet and most specifically salesman/YouTuber, Chevy Dude, to have free rein over how the Corvette C8 would look. We’re extremely glad the owner did and allowed the whole thing to be documented in the below YouTube video:

The owner the C8 must fully trust Chevy Dude and Bachman Chevrolet – looking at the finished result, we’re very glad he did. To kick things off, the car is painted in Shadow Grey Metallic – which is one of the more subtle yet aggressive looking paint-jobs available for the C8. The additional livery really adds to the mid-engined cars gorgeous good looks.

But that’s just the start – with Chevy Dude adding the $5000 Z51 Performance Package, and then incredibly spent another $11,950 for the 3LT upgrade. In terms of optional extras, Chevy Dude didn’t hold back adding massive 20-inch wheels ($2,695), bright red brake callipers ($595), high wing spoiler ($1,150), carbon flash racing stripes ($995) and carbon flash painted wing mirrors ($100).

Additionally, the $6,100 ground effects package included carbon side skirts and a carbon front splitter. In terms of the interior of the C8 include Competition 3 bucking seats ($500), Torch Red seatbelts ($395) and a front lift system for an additional $1,495 that works in tandem with the $1,895 magnetic ride control system.

All in all, the total cost for the C8 sits at $98,855 which is actually less than we were anticipating and a bargain considering how good this thing looks.

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