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Chevy Camaro Crashes While Fleeing From The Police On The Canyons

No, this isn’t the latest Need for Speed game, and weirdly enough, it doesn’t involve a Mustang either. During a meet on Angeles Crest Highway, a couple of cars pulled up after spotting a Camaro doing burnouts and doughnuts by the side of the road surrounded by onlookers.

As the smoke from the Camaro’s tires fades however, a police truck pulls up, pushing the Camaro driver to take action. He pulls away at top speed Obviously, it’s too late anyway – they already have the plates of the Chevy muscle car, so the police truck starts to follow them in a very relaxed manner down the road.

The video explains that they heard of an accident a bit later on, and on going to check it out, they found the same police truck pulled over, surrounded by lines of high-performance cars lining the road. Slightly further down, they find the Camaro. It has its hazard lights on, and unsurprisingly, it’s torn to shreds after hitting the side of the road. From the damage to the road, it looks like the car understeered into the side of the cliff, scattering debris across the road and totalling the Chevy.

what can we take away from this moment, kids? Don’t do doughnuts on the canyons, but if you do and you get caught… Don’t. Run. Away.

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