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Confirmed: New Subaru BRZ Will Not Be Coming To Europe

Subaru has confirmed that the new BRZ will not be coming to Europe, and will instead be a US-only sports car, according to CarScoops.

“The new BRZ is a U.S.-only model, and currently there are no plans to launch the 22MY BRZ model in Europe,” a spokesperson told the outlet earlier today.

Despite this, the car will be revealed on November 18 to the world with what we expect to be a 217 horsepower, naturally-aspirated boxer engine, pushing power to the rear wheels through either a manual or automatic gearbox. The Japanese marque published a teaser video last week with vague sounds of the engine behind the video’s soundtrack, and from what we can hear, there’s no turbo as previously rumoured.

New Turbo Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ On The Way With 255BHP And New Name

This links to a possible reason as to why it’s not coming to Europe: emissions. Us across the pond have already lost cars such as the Suzuki Jimny for not abiding by the strict emissions regulations set by the European Union. Likewise, the upcoming Nissan 400Z, currently known as the Z Proto, has also been confirmed to not be coming to Europe down to emissions and lack of a market.

This is extremely sad news, but not at all surprising considering recent industry patterns. Maybe Toyota will take a chance with their GT(GR)86 doppelganger?

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