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Construction Crew Dumps Concrete Water Over Newly-Detailed Mercedes Convertible

An unlucky Mercedes owner was making the most of the summer sun and decided to spend their day detailing their German vehicle – only to have a construction crew working on the Verrazano Bridge in New York dump a massive load of concrete water all over the unsuspecting detailer and other motorists who were also travelling on the lower level of the bridge. You can see the damage here:

Spent 2 hours detailing my car yesterday only to have the construction crew working on the Verrazano bridge dump concrete water all over me and other motorists traveling in the lower level. . OH AND MY SUNROOF WAS OPEN. from Wellthatsucks

To make matters worse, the reddit user known as u/BabaLove, had their sunroof open meaning the concrete water has also had its way with the interior of the vehicle. Not a good day lets be honest.

Now, concrete water isn’t just water with a bit of powdered concrete in it – well it kind of is, but its much much worse than that for your car. When the process of concrete curing is underway it can cause the material to be caustic (able to burn or corrode by chemical action), and therefore would be a lot more damaging to the vehicle, especially the exterior paint. As a result of this, it is unlikely that the concrete water can be cleaned off and may require a full factory repaint and reupholstering of the interior.

The bridge is owned by either MTA or NYC DOT, according to the reddit thread, and the driver has been advised to contact them regarding the incident. While the owner of the bridge is most not likely not at fault, they’ll be able to contact their contractor who is most likely responsible – I’m sure the owner has a very… concrete case (too much?).

Suffice to say, if this happened to me, I’d be furious – especially considering I’d spent two hours detailing my snazzy Merc beforehand.

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