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Cops Pull Over Tesla Model 3 Due To ‘Computer Mounted On Centre Console’

Tesla Owners are no strangers to massive screens in the middle of their centre console. From this screen you can control everything from driving modes to air conditioning to heated seats, but the Tesla Model 3 takes this one step further.


The large 15-inch screen in Tesla’s latest model is horizontally mounted. In fact, it’s the only screen in the car with no screen or gauges behind the steering wheel either. Because of this, all of the driving information such as speed or available charge has to be viewed on the centre screen, meaning it has to be big and adequately close to the driver’s line of sight.

Jon Hall, a Model 3 owner, was enjoying a Saturday drive when he was pulled over by a policeman on a motorcycle after his centre screen for mistaken for a self-mounted computer screen. Obviously, the latter is illegal, but due to the fact that this screen is installed from the factory, it’s completely fine to use. Both parties reacted perfectly well with a bit of humour and obvious embarrassment, but this does raise a question.

Is the Model 3’s centre screen too large, and does it distract the driver?

Personally, I prefer physical buttons and knobs to operate things like the radio and air conditioning for example. This way I don’t have to look down from the road, but I can just use touch to change any settings. With a screen, you have to look down to see where you’re tapping the touchscreen. To be honest, there is little difference between this and having an IPad mounted to your dash. Let’s not forget as well, that police cars do actually have full laptops bolted in front of their centre console.

We’re intrigued to see your opinions, so comment below with your thoughts!

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  1. dumb idea anyhow from Tesla…sometimes, its OK to be a bit analog, and make it look like a car inside…

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