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Corvette C8 Owner Furious After Dealership Destroys Vehicle – Then Posts It On Social Media

Picture the scene, you’ve just taken delivery of your brand new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8, its the car you’ve been dreaming of owning your whole life, you feel accomplished, you feel successful, you are on top of the world. You take your new baby back into the dealership for a service and somewhere along the line, your new C8 gets wrecked while in the shop.

If this sounds somewhat familiar, you are most likely Florida based C8 owner, Jake Anthony. Poor old Jake took his C8 into the shop and sadly, someone at the dealership clearly didn’t know the proper way to put it on the lift. Because the new C8 is mid engined, its weight distribution is completely different to past models and therefore needs to be put on the car lift slightly differently to make up for this. Sadly the dealership clearly were unaware of this, which resulted in the car falling off the lift, as you can see below.

However, that is not where Jake’s misfortune ends – as the dealership then went to make matters worse by posting images of the wrecked car on their own social media, much to Jake’s distain. Why the dealership would want to promote the fact they can’t handle your wildly expensive sports car properly, I don’t know. Jake said in his Instagram post:

“Yes, this is my car. I did not want this to be shared publicly until after the dealer had the opportunity to correct this crappy situation. Apparently some idiots in their service department took it upon themselves to try and get some clout from my misfortune by taking pictures and sharing them without my consent. To the fellow C8 owners, please ensure your dealer is aware of the diagram in the second picture before you leave your car with them.”

Now obviously, the car is probably a write off and will need to be completely replaced by the dealership, but a brand new 2021 Corvette Stingray might not cut the mustard and apparently this has been escalated to the GM corporate team. In one of the comments on his Instagram post, Jake said:

“I’ve spoken with executives, I’m not interested in a new base model. I’m waiting for the Z06 for my next C8.”

We for one, are very interested in how General Motors plans to rectify this situation. While this has been a total nightmare for the owner, if he gets a tasty new 2021 Z06, we’re sure it’ll make up for it.

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