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Could This Render Be Mazda’s Future RX9 Supercar Offering?

When I say the word ‘supercar‘, a few brands might come to mind… I bet none of them was Mazda. Yes they have the MX-5, pretty much THE entry level sports car but they have never really ventured too far into the world of supercars.

However this particular stereotype hasn’t deterred McLaren designer (and clear Mazda fan), Joao Dias from designing his take on a Mazda RX-9 sports car. During his time at McLaren he was behind the gorgeous Elva Special Addition but was also responsible for the Range Rover Velar, so we know this design is coming from a good pedigree.

In Dias’ imaginings of Mazda’s offering the the supercar world we can see that first and foremost, this thing is front engined due to its lack of intake scoops or mid engined covers. We won’t lie to you, we think it’s absolutely gorgeous and we love the backlit Mazda logos on the side of the vehicle and in the centre wheel caps. In addition to its sleek styling, we also spotted an enormous diffuser jutting out the back as well as a set of Brembo brake callipers behind the wheels.

What do you think of Joao Dias’ RX-9 offering? Let us know in the comments.

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