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Crazy Illegal Sideshows Block Off San Francisco Bridge With 100 Cars Involved

Multiple sideshows took place around the San Francisco area over the weekend, including one where roughly a hundred cars blocked the Bay Bridge, which connects San Francisco with Oakland, in order to perform donuts and other stunts.

No arrests have been announced by the Police yet. However, according to local reports the hundred cars blocked the bridge at around 1am and was cleared by the California Highway Patrol by 1:19am.

Since the event many videos have been published on social media. In a post from @itsthebay, shows the cars blocked up on the bridge along with those participating in the stunts and racing, surrounded in smoke from the tyres.

One person commented:

“I don’t mind the car shows but not like this. Not on the Bay Bridge. That’s not cool. We need to find a Happy space for the fellas to do this at and not get in trouble and/or arrested. But the Bay Bridge is not where it’s at. Nope.”

Another person pointed out that everyone there is likely to receive a fine. They wrote:

“So now everyone on that bridge getting fined since you can’t watch side shows right?”

More videos were posted onto YouTube of the event on the bridge as well as some of the other locations that it happened across San Francisco. A lot of the cars featured in the below video are the same as the ones we saw in the Instagram post, there are cars including a couple of Infiniti’s, Nissan Z cars, a Subaru BRZ, a Chevrolet Silverado, a Pontiac G8 GT, a Cadillac CTS, and a Chevrolet Camaro.

At one point during the video you can see one of the passengers of the cars hanging out the window waving a gun in the air.

In just November, the police issued approximately 720 citations and impounded 19 cars that related to sideshows in the San Jose area, in a push from the Police to reduce the amount of sideshows in the city.

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