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Cybertruck Supercar Get Us Excited For The New Tesla Roadster

Oh the internet is a wonderful thing. Searching the endless depths of Reddit and RSS feeds, you can find some incredible things, such as this Tesla-Cyber-Roadster rendering that has shone a new light on the angular design of the Cybertruck.

It blends the geometrical disease that the all-electric pickup seems to be suffering from with the curves of the upcoming Tesla Roadster, and bam, you’ve got a serious looking piece of kit. It also nabs the wheels from the truck and its body-wide daytime running lights that cross the hood – it looks good, doesn’t it?

Like the Cybertruck, this has the essence of the iconic DMC DeLorean, especially with its low slung chassis and sloping front. All you need are the time machine bits and it would almost be a spitting image of the Back to the Future hero car.

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