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Daughter Loves It As Her Dad Chases Porsche Carrera GT Around Nürburgring

If I was five years old and my dad asked me if I fancied sitting shotgun in his Porsche Cayman while he ragged it around the 12.9 mile Nordschleife section of the Nürburgring while chasing a Porsche Carrera GT, I’d have jumped at the chance and I’d have probably enjoyed it a lot more than this little girl.

Now for all you lot out there saying ‘this is irresponsible’, or ‘where is her helmet’, yes I kind of see your point but also it’s obvious that the father knows this course like the back of his hand and is clearly a professional driver, so relax… this is just another day in the office for him.

The driver, Robert Mitchell, posted the video on his YouTube channel, shows him racing round the track while his little girl seems to treat it as another day in the office. You can see from her dad’s perfect racing lines and racing prowess that this isn’t his first rodeo and you can tell by how used to his driving she is, it isn’t hers either.

Her name, Analiese, has apparently done over 250 laps around the track which is why she looks so chilled out as she casually chats away to her dad and helping him identify some of the Nordschleife’s corners.

Could we be looking at one of the next world class racing drivers? Well judging from her dad’s driving ability, she’s certainly got a good chance. You can see the full video below.

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