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Dealership Mechanic Takes Customer’s Rare Camaro For A Joy Ride

Mari Agredano-Quirino was in for a rude awakening when she brough her limited edition Indianapolis 500 Pace Car Edition Camaro in for a service at Chevrolet of Montebello.

After dropping the car off, Mari and her husband saw the car speeding up and down the streets later that day. They eventually caught up to their car, where it was at an Original Tommy’s restaurant drive-thru. They confronted the dealship employee while he was sitting waiting for his food and managed to capture it on video.

Upon being confronted, the employee decided to lie, saying that this wasn’t her car (because I’m sure the street of LA are swarming in Indy 500 Pace Car Camaros). As soon as Mari mentioned that she had dropped the car off at the dealership, the story changed, with the employee saying he was simply taking it for a test drive .

After some further questioning, the employee got nervous and tried to escape by backing up through the drive thru, scratching the rims on the concrete.

The dealership’s owner has address the incident on Facebook and offered Quirino monetary compensation, which she declined. She also said she didn’t file a police report and does not necessarily want the employee fired, but simply want to address the principal of the incident.

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