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DeLorean DMC-12 Could Return This Year Thanks To Italdesign

The DeLorean DMC-12 is a beloved sports car of the early ’80s, regardless of the obvious setbacks of its design and behaviour of its CEO. And since it became legend in the Back To The Future Franchise as Doctor Emmett Brown’s time machine, its place in pop culture is now permanent.

Last year, or even the year before that, we showed you a modern interpretation of the beloved DMC-12, and it quickly became one of our most popular articles. And now, on the car’s 40th birthday, there are talks of it being updated through a collaboration between DeLorean and Italdesign.

Italdesign posted the tweet above to its Twitter, teasing an all-new DMC-12 to mark the car’s 40th anniversary. As you can see, it shows the original car above, and below sits a more modern-looking silhouette of the car, still featuring its iconic gull wings and a similar shape.

Alongside these photos reads the caption: “What a better way to celebrate an icon of automotive history than a sneak peek of the (near) future?”.

Unfortunately, we’ve heard stories of the revival of this car many times. But with Italdesign being a trusted company that we trust, I’d expect the only issues that could push this reveal further back would stem from the current pandemic. Hopefully, we’ll see the car in full later this year, but while I’m incredibly excited for such a thing, I won’t be holding my breath.

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