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Dodge Charger Driver’s Drifting Antics End Abruptly After Hitting A Roundabout

What makes Dodge Chargers stand out from the rest of its kind? Like Ford Mustangs and GMC Yukons, Dodge Chargers have now made it to the list of vehicles hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons.

This footage seems to have been captured in Kansas City and displays someone drifting a white Charger through a wide roundabout near the city center.

The drift scene in my city is getting bolder from IdiotsInCars

When the driver slides the Dodge through the roundabout, they initially seem to control the car. But it soon appears obvious that they’re far too fast and did not have the ability to hold the Charger under control, resulting in them hitting the curb on the roundabout’s outer side.

The vehicle falls off the tarmac and the trunk flips open, causing serious impact to the vehicle. Unfortunately, the Reddit video ends seconds after the crash, so it’s impossible to know what happened after the accident.

Based on this video alone, it’s impossible to tell how much harm the car suffered. While the car only hit its rear wheels on the sidewalk, we think it is more probable that the car has received some suspension damage besides wrecking the rear wheel.

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