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Dodge Owners Victims Of Hilarious Prank At Recent Cars & Coffee Event

A trend has started in the Mopar community that was started by Dodge itself. When a new Charger or Challenger SRT is delivered, the company protects the front splitter by covering it with a yellow protector. This stops the low front design from scratching against the ground while the car’s being moved.

Owners, for some reason, have decided to leave this on, and Mark Trostle, SRT’s Head Of Design himself, had something to say about it. “This is the final word: When we did the sketch for the Charger and Challenger, it never had yellow stripes on it,” he said. He added that to try and stop this new fad, Dodge will be changing the protector from a yellow colour to a bright pink to put owners off.

Obviously, this got a few Dodge owners annoyed, but what happened later put the cherry on the cake. A recent Cars & Coffee had owners of all different brands making fun of the yellow protectors, with themselves applying yellow pool noodles to the front of their cars. One Charger sits at the end of the line in one photo, confirming that not all Dodge owners were taking this in hostility. A Mustang and Subaru also got the same treatment. Maybe next time they should bring them in pink.

No Chevrolet Camaros were involved because no one’s bought one.

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