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Dodge Reveals New Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody

Recently, Dodge releaseded the 2020 Dodge Hellcat Widebody. And boy is it amazing.

The last surviving 4-door muscle car just got a whole lot meaner. Keeping the same 707hp engine as the original Charger Hellcat, but now 3.5-inches wider. And with the wider fenders come wider wheels, now 20x11s at all four corners giving the charger an enormous amount of grip. How much grip? Well the Widebody can pull an impressive 0.96 G on the skid pad.


But these are not the only thing upgraded on this new Charger. Also included are Blistien three-mode adaptive dampers, now 32% stiffer than before, and stiffer sway bars – 2mm bigger at the front and 3mm bigger at the back.


When it comes to electronics, Dodge went all out with a new all-electric power-steering system that can be adjusted and tuned along with the power, shift speed, and traction control, all of which are controlled via the 8.4-inch infotainment screen. Launch control and line lock come standard as well as two new systems: one called race cooldown, the other launch assist.

Race cooldown is designed to help cool the supercharger by continuing to run the intercooler pump and radiator fan after the car is turned off. Launch assist is a new type of traction assist that works with the wheel-speed sensors to detect rear wheel slipage and modify engine output to regain grip. All of that happening in less than the blink of an eye. Fancy stuff.


The engine is the only thing remaining the same from past Hellcats. It is still a 6.2-liter supercharged V8. And with a top speed of 196mph, it is a bit slower than the narrower hellcat, which can be attributed to the width alone. The 0-60 time is still extremely impressive at 3.6 seconds, and with a quarter mile time of 10.96 seconds, it’s one of the quickest four-door cars in the world. Sadly there will be no manual option. Dodge is sticking an eight-speed automatic behind the Hellcat power plant.

Dodge has also annouced the new Scat Pack widebody Charger as well – a model Dodge says will be the best selling Charger. It must be noted that this is an option for the Widebody. The standard Scat Pack will still be made.

The engine in the Scat Pack is the 392-cubic inch, 485horsepower Hemi V8. It will also carry the wider wheels, Bilstein dampers, stiffer springs and larger sway bars. 0 to 60 pops in at 4.3 seconds and the quarter mile takes just 12.4, less than 2 seconds slower than the Hellcat Widebody.


Dodge has yet to release pricing on either of the new models, so we will have to wait until this Fall when orders are starting to be taken, with deliveries beginning 2020.

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