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Dodge SRT Demon Sets On Fire And Marshalls Refuse To Help Thanks To Rude Owner

The Dodge SRT Demon is quite a rare car. In fact, there have only been just over 3,000 built, so you can imagine how difficult it would have been to get your hands on this 808bhp monster when it was first released, especially at the low price of $85,000.

Unfortunately for this owner, despite him managing to buy the high performing drag car, his arguing with the officials more than likely sealed the fate of the muscle car.

A few burnouts into the event, smoke wasn’t only coming from the tyres. There was a flash of fire from beneath the engine bay and the marshals quickly jumped in to extinguish the flames while shouting at the driver to turn the engine off.

Unfortunately for the driver, he wasn’t so calm when telling them it wouldn’t turn off, so not standing for his tone, the marshals just sat back and watched the car burn. Just to add fuel to the fire – pun intended – a bystander reminded the owner of the Dodge that his insurance wouldn’t cover the car if it was on a drag strip. Ouch.

Eventually the fire was put out, with a water truck arriving at the scene a few moments later.

Were the marshals right to back away from the irate owner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Marshals are meant to put out fires if the car couldn’t be switched off it’s more important to put fire out I wouldn’t put any car on a track with Muppet marshals like them

  2. His car, his responsibility, and his choice to blow off the marshals.
    They’d done their part by offering help.

  3. There’s no excuse for letting it burn. If it were mine I’d be mad too. The track workers shouldn’t take any anger personal.
    I’d never go there for any event and suggest no one else will either.

  4. Yes. You do what the marshals tell you, when they tell you. They are not lifeguards, they do not have to risk their safety on your behalf.

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