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Driver Almost Gets Impaled By Barrier During Police Chase

I’m not condoning driving through a railway crossing while the barriers are down and you’re being chased at high speeds by the police, but this is a seriously cool and efficient way of losing a tail in style.

The video below shows the moment a driver, running from the police, chooses to put the pedal to the metal and power his way through a crossing. This happened in Wola Radziszowska, Poland, earlier this year, and as you can see from the footage, it could have gone very badly as a barrier breaks off and pierces the windscreen of the Mazda 323.

In a Final Destination-like moment, they continue to drive with the barrier a mere inch away from their face as the police are forced to come to a stop and wait for the train to pass. Yes, the driver got away temporarily, but I’m not sure he’ll be doing that again. Code brown, I think.

It’s been reported that despite this act, he was later arrested and charged with a host of things, including failure to stop, property damage, and reckless driving. It could have gone worse for the driver, but we should thank our stars that he’s off the road, even if it did look like something out of a movie.

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