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Driver Fined For 170-Mile Drive During Lockdown – Needed To Escape Wife And Kids

We know you’ve been waiting in anticipation for the next round of ‘idiots in cars during the COVID-19 outbreak’ after the likes of the ‘Lamborghini Driver Speeds To Get Covid-19 Test – Banned On The Spot By Police‘ and ‘UK Police Fine Man For Speeding At 110MPH And Breaking VOCID-19 Lockdown Rules In Bizarre Case‘. Well the time has come, we’ve found another few for you – so sit back, relax and enjoy because these ones are a doozie.

A BMW driver was pulled over by police on the A30 near Launceston on Easter Sunday and when questioned for why he was on the roads, explained that he needed to get out of the house to escape his wife and kids.

As you can probably imagine, the police didn’t quite deem this as an essential journey, with the Alliance Roads Policing, the official account for Devon and Cornwall and Dorset’s Road Policing teams, tweeting:

But wait – thats not all, the Alliance Roads Policing Twitter is a bit of a goldmine for unessential journeys, with the account also reporting of someone driving across the country to pick up a second hand boat and proceeding to breakdown on a hill only to be discovered by the police. How fortunate.

But wait, that is also not all! On Easter Sunday the Alliance Roads Policing Twitter account also tweeted of a truck driver from Basingstoke to leave Devon after discovering the driver had driven a friend to pick up some motorbikes he had bought, before then visiting Paignton to ‘reminisce of times past’. Both were reported and sent packing.

The sooner everyone stays at home, the sooner we can all get out on the road again – stay home, save lives and no, you don’t need a secondhand boat.

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