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This Driveway Elevator Turns Your Garage Into The Batcave

If your name starts with “S” and ends with “-ultan of Brunei,” you’re probably looking for a nice way to store your cars without having seventy Ferraris and twelve Bentley shooting brakes cluttering up your perfectly manicured lawn. If so, Italian company IdealPark has you covered.

IdealPark builds elevators designed for cars right into your driveway that shuttle your vehicles down to an underground garage, with or without you in it. You simply wait for the lift to raise like you would a garage door, drive on to it, and let it slowly whoosh you down to your brightly-lit Batcave.

Unfortunately, said Batcave is the one part you’ll have to take care of yourself, as IdealPark only builds the elevators and not the garage. But if I had the chance to get one of these elevators installed and couldn’t afford to build the garage, I’d probably just grab a shovel and dig the thing myself.

The benefits of a car elevator are frankly innumerable: You don’t have to have an unsightly garage cluttering up your otherwise spotless driveway. Your car storage isn’t limited by the size of your property. You have an elevator. For your car.

But, much like pre-distressed jeans and getting out of jail, car elevators don’t come cheap. IdealPark doesn’t list official pricing on their website, but since regular car elevators of this scale can reach $10,000, expect one of these to easily top that. But think of it this way: when you see your neighbor coming up to say hi, instead of awkwardly ducking into the garage, you can literally escape underground. That should throw them off for a while.

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