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Drunk BMW M4 Driver Hurtles Over Roundabout At Speed

I think everyone can admit to speeding once in a while. Everyone at some point, especially if you’re reading GTN, has driven to a winding road and gone hell for leather for fun. But if there’s one thing I wouldn’t do, it’s drink driving.

It’s so incredibly dangerous to be drunk while driving, and this video below just shows you just how bad a driver anyone could become under the influence. Put the driver behind the wheel of a BMW M4, and you’ve got a serious weapon on your hands.

This happened at Long Beach, California, where a woman behind the wheel of the German sports car drove straight through a roundabout at full speed. Not only did the car fly down the opposite road, but bits of debris from the roundabout accompanied it, hitting cars on the other side. A Chevrolet Camaro was the major victim of this bad driving, taking a large rock to the rear bumper. In total, six cars were damaged.

The woman, while unhurt, was later arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. An owner of one of the damaged parked cars estimated the driver was travelling above 60mph. That takes only 3.8 seconds in an M4.

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