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Drunk Driver Invades Golf Course In Crazy (Golf) Police Chase

At the posh Grand Harbor Golf Course in Vero Beach, Florida, members of the public were treated to a police chase as a drunk driver drove her car over the green while being chased by the police.

According to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy attempted to stop 60-year-old Jodi Ann Harvey on Tuesday afternoon. She refused to comply, and a chase was started between her and the police officer.

The chase suddenly became one of interest when Harvey “broke through a gate and drove through the Grand Harbour Golf Course”. And as she drove her car recklessly over the green, the police cars’ dashcams picked up what looked like something out of Grand Theft Auto.

Driving a large Toyota 4Runner, she squeezed down the cart path, narrowly missing a cart and a handful of golfers before heading onto the fairway. At this point, the policemen following decided enough was enough, forcing the car around with a pit manoeuvre before boxing the car in with a number of their cars.

The driver was taken to custody and no injuries were reported. Despite this, three vehicles were damaged and I’m sure the golfing green was a bit worse for wear.

Harvey is now facing a number of charges, including “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, DUI, two felony counts of criminal mischief, aggravated flee/elude, and aggravated assault on an officer/fire fighter/EMT.” I’m sure the golf course will want something for their green, as well.

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