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Drunk NFL Receiver Crashes Chevrolet Camaro Into River

Last Friday, 23 year old NFL receiver, Jermiah Lamont Braswell, got himself into a bit of a pickle.

Braswell is an undrafted rookie for the Arizona Cardinals, who prior to the Cardinals played at Youngstown State University, where he achieved an incredible record of scoring 11 touchdowns within 986 yards in only 40 games, in the four years he played there.

13 ABC News in Toledo, Ohio, reported that Braswell was driving along the shores of Lake Erie in his Chevy Camaro, when he veered off the road and into the water just off of South Bass Island.

So how did Braswell lose control? Well according to a witness, Braswell’s Chevrolet was seen driving exceptionally fast along the shoreline road before it hit an embankment and flew into the lake. When officers arrived at the scene, they discovered he was very very intoxicated, so intoxicated in fact, that Braswell was still trying to drive the car. Officers said of the incident:

“As officers went into the water and approached the Camaro, they found the driver was still in the driver’s seat trying to drive forward, he told officers that he was ‘stuck’ and didn’t know what happened. As officers spoke with the driver, they noticed that his speech was slurred and he was unable to explain how his Camaro ended up in the water.”

As you can imagine, a breath test was conducted and showed that Braswell was well above Ohio’s legal limit. He has now obviously been charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, however thankfully no one was hurt.

I would hedge a bet that Braswell will also receive a hefty punishment for his dangerous antics from the NFL but his football career may not be over as he’s unlikely to get any jail time… his Camaro may not be as lucky as we’d imagine it is a total write off.

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