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Emelia Hartford Has Built The World’s Quickest Chevrolet C8 Corvette

We recently reported on Emelia Hartford’s gorgeous Chevrolet Corvette C8 as it became the most powerful C8 in the world with 1,000 horsepower thanks to a twin-turbo setup and one hell of a lot of tuning.

Now, with the car reaching its end goal, Emelia attempts to push the car one step further in the history books by finding out what difference this power has made to the car’s straight-line performance.

The current quarter-mile time stands at 9.95 seconds and is held by ETS, so Emelia lines up at the start line with one objective in mind: to beat it. With her car now sporting a tank of 91 octane fuel and new Forge Line wheels, wheels that have featured on a number of high-performance drag cars, her first run results in a 10.4 second time. It must be noted that the track is dirty and her tyres haven’t been cleaned off at this point.

After a bit of tuning to extract more performance, the next run saw the car go into limp mode, severely limiting its power. Emelia isn’t bothered and expected as much, so asks her team to open the taps fully, giving her the full 1,000 horsepower to play with. On the next run, they get a 10.2 second time with the car still not giving its full potential.

Another run sees her crack 9 seconds with a 9.98-second run. With this time she’d be happy to leave and count her chickens, but she kept pushing and eventually took the world record, clocking in a quarter-mile time of 9.908 seconds. Did she stop there? Of course not!

With the car now starting to hook up on launch, she set a 9.474-second run at a speed of 144.7mph. Her last run saw her reach 9.41 seconds, smashing the record out of the park and safely securing her and her car top spot. She believes the car has more to give, so make sure to give her a follow to keep up with how they push the envelope even further.

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