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Here’ Exactly How Much AMG You Can Get For $200

It’s black. It’s dirty. It’s got the flimsiest cupholders ever installed. It’s a C43 AMG, and it was only 200 bucks.

You get a lot of things when you buy an AMG. You get (usually) tasteful styling, ludicrous power, ludicrous speed and a biblical noise. If, like the one purchased for $200 by YouTuber Alex Palmeri, it’s been through half the Luxembourgian military over the last 18 years, you also get mold, worn leather, and a free pack of Marlboro Lights.

Palmeri’s C43 was originally listed for $1,000, but he gradually whittled the price down to a couple hundred dollars, using the metric ton of Starbucks cups and McDonald’s wrappers in the car as a bargaining chip. Surprisingly, the C43 still runs and drives just fine, the transmission shifting exactly as it should, and it makes a surprisingly fantastic noise too, through what’s left of the exhaust system.

As for the interior, aside from the aforementioned mold, the C43 comes lavishly equipped with an aftermarket Alpine stereo (which apparently works well) surrounded by a particularly tragic carbon fiber console wrap. The aftermarket gauges not only look terrible, but they don’t seem to be connected to anything, simply sitting there like useless boils on the face of a once-fine automobile. Some of the interior trim is also stained a suspicious red. Make of that what you will.

All this goes to prove that yes, you can buy an AMG with a miraculously clean title for less than first-run tickets to Hamilton. But if this C43 tells us anything, it’s that you probably shouldn’t.

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