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Extremely Rare Ferrari F40 Engine Up For Auction In Copenhagen

It’s not often you see a Ferrari F40 come up for auction but seeing an auction just for it’s infamous 2.9 litre twin-turbocharged V8 is even more uncommon.

Thankfully for Ferrari fans, an F40’s V8 engine was listed on recently and at the time of writing, the highest bid was already a massive £51,000 after 23 bids and still a whole two days left of the auction. The engine is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and is said to be in ‘superb cosmetic condition’. It is unclear how much of the engine is being offered, the listing mentions it comes with its original intercoolers and exhaust manifolds but there is no mention of its turbochargers.

So how did this engine end up without a car to go with it? Well according to the auction listing, it was given to a Japanese racing team to be used for testing purposes and was only in use for less than 1,000 km. Suffice to say, they would have been a pretty tough 1,000 km for the engine, but it does look in pretty amazing condition.

The engine was taken from the race car eventually and allegedly sat around unused for over 25 years. Having said that, not being taken care of for such an extended period of time means that the engine will need some major servicing before it is anywhere near ready to be put into a vehicle.

The Ferrari F40 was the successor to the 288 GTO and was designed to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary, and will always be written in history as the last Ferrari that was approved by Enzo Ferrari himself. At the time of it’s release, the F40 was the fastest, most powerful and most expensive car on sale.

Considering the engine is currently going for £51,000 with 48 hours still on the clock, we wouldn’t be surprised if it goes for over £100,000 come Friday.

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