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This F1 Car Has No Suspension | Daily Update

In today’s update, a very uncomfortable man drives a race car, some fish stick to a Mini, and a VW Beetle sets a lap record.

Williams Once Built An F1 Car With No Suspension

I’m sure anyone who’s ever been near a race car will tell you that they aren’t luxury cruisers. But back in the 80s, Williams decided to try making it worse, just for kicks. The theory was that by removing the suspension, the lack of body roll and lower ride height would lead to more efficient aerodynamics, more controlled handling and better road feedback. Unfortunately, it just ended up shaking Alan Jones to bits, prompting Frank Williams to suggest he sit on his wallet.

Here’s The Weirdest Stuff You’ve Seen On Cars

Fish. Bananas. Totoro. You guys have found some really weird stuff. That lacy interior is causing me physical pain.

The Ford Raptor Has AWD…And 4WD

In another great video from everyone’s favorite automotive super-nerd, Engineering Explained explains the engineering behind how the Ford Raptor technically has both all-wheel and four-wheel drive. Needless to say, it involves a lot of words I don’t understand.

Here’s Footage Of The GT2 RS Wrecking The Nürburgring

We’ve known for a couple days that the GT2 RS dominated Lamborghini’s Nürburgring record, but video and photos have been scarce. No longer, for we finally have some pretty glorious onboard video of the feat being accomplished. Click here to see for yourself.

Who Would Be Richard Hammond’s Bond Girl?

This is a slightly weird question to ask, but Richard Hammond readily had an answer: out of all the possible options, he’d like his Bond lady to be none other than Angelina Jolie. A good match, considering they’re the same height.

Got any better matches for Richard? Let us know in the comments below!

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