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Factory Five F9R Is All Kinds Of Aggressive With A 750hp 9.5-Litre V12

Factory Five Racing has built itself from the ground up specialising in DIY car kits. From a Cobra-like Roadster to a supercar with 400bhp supercar, this company has a kit to please us all. Now, they’re teasing a new supercar to replace their top tier model, the GTM.

Named the F9R, it will replace the over ten-year-old mid-engined car with a front-engined 9.5-litre V12 specimen. With a look that resembles something between a Ferrari 812 Superfast and a Ford GT, it boasts a long bonnet and aggressive aerodynamic styling in the form of a large wing, an angular diffusor, and a prominent front splitter. These looks are backed up by the figures that its huge powertrain emits: 750hp and 700lb ft of torque is sat under your right foot, making this gorgeous thing surely quite a handful.

What really tips us over the edge is its kerb weight. Sat at 1,088kg thanks to a carbon fibre composite body, this car weighs only slightly more than the new MX5. I have a feeling this car might be more than twitchy on the road and a damn death trap in the wet, especially with such a large and heavy engine shoved up towards the nose.

Factory Five F9R Is All Kinds Of Aggressive With A 750hp 9.5-Litre V12

If such a large V12 isn’t quite to your liking, Factory Five Racing has made sure that a host of other engines can be housed under the bonnet like a small block Ford crate engine, or maybe the industry standard LS?

Factory Five F9R Is All Kinds Of Aggressive With A 750hp 9.5-Litre V12

With the car due to enter prototype stages next Spring with initial production dated for late 2020, there’s little point in fantasising over everything we could have stuck under the bonnet. Until then, we should be taking in the impeccable carbon fibre weave of the body that;s been covered in a gloss clear coat. Oh, and if you’re still not 100%, let me tell you that the design was composed by Jim Schenck and Phil Frank, with the later inolved in the production of the Saleen S7. Name dropping, much.

Alex Harrington

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