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Fancy A Bugatti Veyron? All You’ll Need Is A Honda Civic And This Body Kit

People love the idea of turning their ordinary vehicle into a supercar lookalike, we recently reported of a group of youngsters over in Vietnam making a Ferrari FXX K Evo out of cardboard. What we have here is something slightly different, but equally as creative.

Some of you may be aware that about eight or so years ago, body kits for the Honda Civic were released to turn your beloved Civic into a Bugatti Veyron and amazingly, some petrol heads have actually bought them.

Disclaimer, if you own a Civic and quite fancy making it into a Veyron, the bodykits are horrible and make the car look like the Veyron’s less successful and weirder cousin. To make matters worse, the kits actually cost around £3,700.

That leads me nicely onto this extremely questionable ‘Honda Veyron’ that was recently listed on eBay, and was amazingly sold for $4500 (£3,636.32). For those wondering, the Civic used is the 1993 model and as you can see, the body kit actually does a good job of making the front of the vehicle look like the Veyron (even with its scuffed bumper and saggy air intake).. sadly, thats where similarities seem to end.

The sides of the vehicle look nothing like a Veyron at all and to be honest, it makes me feel quite sick, I’m a fan of the Civic and of course, and even bigger fan of the Veyron and this is not doing either any favours.

Looking at the rear of the vehicle, the bumper sort of resembles the Bugatti but not enough to fool anyone, the four rear taillights are a nice touch but poorly executed.

Moving to the interior of the Honda Veyron now, it features a ‘custom digital dash’ as well as an audio system with eight internal speakers, as well as of course, the custom ‘Civic Gatti’ embroidered headrest.

In terms of the engine, I’m sorry to disappoint but it doesn’t feature the 8 litre quad turbocharged W16 engine under the bonnet.. I know, I’m as let down as you are. Sadly, what you’ll have to put up with is a measly four cylinder turbocharged engine instead.

According to the Ebay listing, the Honda Veyron has 74,000 miles on the clock and the seller has apparently spent around $12,000 turning the Civic into one of the worlds most iconic hypercars. Considering the amount the seller has spent on the vehicle, it actually comes as a bit of a surprise that the vehicle was only being sold for $4500. Having said that, I wouldn’t be spending anywhere near as much of my hard earned money on it as that, but each to their own I guess.

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