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Fans React To Our Top 10 Ugliest Cars Of All Time List

We recently released our top 10 ugliest cars of all time list, featuring some pretty hideous vehicles to have graced the automotive world. As you can imagine, this caused quite the discussion with fans adding their opinions and the ugliest cars they would have added to the list.

We took a look through and complied some of the best – so without further a due, here is your list… the Fans Top Ugliest Cars Of All Time List:

Chevy Citation

Lets start off with Lance here who very kindly pointed out that the Chevy Citation should have made an appearance and good gravy to you too Lance, this really is an eye sore.

SsangYong Rodius & Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Thanks for your contribution Anthony, the Alfa’s inclusion actually caused a lot of discussion regarding its place there. Not for me at all, but glad there is some love out there for Alfa Sz!

Now onto your additions, we’re happy to concede here at Grand Tour Nation and agree that the SsangYong Rodius definitely should have made the cut on our list.

As for the Range Rover Evoque Convertible – this is a hideous attempt at being unique and we hate it too. I never want to see a convertible Range Rover – if I had Evoque Convertible money (about £36,000 new), you can rest assured I’ll be buying something completely different.


Gavin here didn’t agree with me that both the Aston Martin Lagonda and Alfa SZ are disappointing looking vehicles given their pedigree. I too wish I could get out more, but until lockdown is over, I’ll to educate myself from my sofa. Thanks for your input!

Toyota Prius, CH-R & Prius

Allan flew in to the comments section with three absolute scorchers. Clearly not a fan of Toyota’s much, but he is absolutely right.

The Prius was probably the most requested vehicle to be added to the list and don’t get us wrong, it was very nearly in there. Considering a Toyota wasn’t included in the original list, we might have to make an exception and squeeze the Prius in somewhere.

The CH-R is equally as awful but sadly we cannot add it into the same list – it’s, in my opinion, too similar to the Nissan Juke which I ABSOLUTELY HATE.. therefore I’ll have to leave the CH-R out. It is still disgusting though.

Now onto the latest RAV 4 that Allan so kindly suggested to us. With this one, yeah its not great, but its also not horrendous. I certainly wouldn’t buy one but I also couldn’t knock someone too much for having one.. Unlike a pesky Nissan Juke.

Ford Granada

Finally we have Chris who is partial to a bit of hating on the old Ford Granada. We’re inclined to agree, especially in that appalling colour.. we’ll happily make an exception on this.

Thanks for all your suggestions, there really are so many ugly cars around that we were really spoilt for choice and condensing all that down to a top ten list was a real challenge. We’ll be compiling more lists in the future and look forward to your reactions.

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