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Fast and Furious Director Reflects On Fast & Furious Ending Without Paul Walker

While some fans have been vocal about their desire for the Fast and Furious franchise to continue without Paul Walker, others believe that it has gone on longer than it should have, especially without one of the main characters present.

The Fast and Furious series will soon be coming to an end with the penultimate film of the franchise beginning production early this year. And while Paul Walker’s death in 2013 prompted a slew of changes in the film series, creators have attempted to keep his spirit alive by hinting at his character’s presence throughout the films.

With the franchise coming to an end, director Justin Lin has now reflected on his discussions with Paul Walker regarding the end of the story.

“Even with Paul, back in 2008, we started, I think it was over dinner, I think it was over dinner in Mexico, he had brought up, ‘Well, what would be the final film?’ And, we would talk.”

It’s fair to say that the story writers have been wracking their brains about how they believe the story will come to an end, especially after the fourth instalment when the main characters returned to the franchise.

“But now sitting here talking to you,” he continued, “I think when Vin finally… said, ‘Let’s do it,’ I felt like, ‘Wow.’ There’s an added layer to that because this conversation has been, oh, it’s been over 10 years. And, when we started, Paul was a big part of that conversation and so I really wanted to hopefully do justice to that.”

This will most likely be a difficult time for the team behind the films after the man who had a huge input into beginning the story won’t be here to end it. Fortunately, this has provided the team with a motivation for the films to live up to Paul Walker’s name, which can only be a good thing for the fans.

Fast 9 marked the beginning of the final trilogy of the franchise, with it being expected to end with a bang. Vin Diesel has already teased the name of the tenth instalment (eleventh if you include the Hobbs and Shaw spinoff), and it’s been confirmed for a release date of May 19 2023.

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