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Fast & Furious 9 Stunt Was Actually Done For Real In Super Bowl Trailer

During the Super Bowl, the new Fast 9 trailer was released. And yes, that’s a strange thought when the film was supposed to be released last year. But with the release date looking to be May this year, according to Sung’s Garage, we’re now very excited to see where this takes the Fast family.

But one specific stunt from this new trailer hadn’t been seen before by fans, featuring a Toyota GT86 being dragged through a whisky shop before hitting a truck on the other side of the building. It looks a bit off to the naked eye, but Director Justin Lin is adamant that it was indeed practically shot. Yep, hardly any CGI whatsoever.

You can see from the behind the scenes video posted by Justin, the car is indeed being pushed through the building by a pulley mechanism. This rig is able to pull the car through the shop and flip it before it hits the truck in the background. And while it’s only four seconds of pure vehicular carnage, the shot took eight months of prep work, four days to shoot, and over 100 people were involved in making it. Oh, and three cars were destroyed.

Now, obviously there was some CGI involved. The car was stationary before the stunt took place, the buildings either side were added, and the truck has a brief two-wheel moment which doesn’t actually happen in real life.

In a film where cars take after Tarzan and swing between mountains via ropes, a little practical effect is very much appreciated. And I’m sure there will be more to come when the film is hopefully released later this year on 28 May 2021 in the UK and US.

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