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Ferrari Sends Cease And Desist Letter To Owner Building Rotary Powered 456 Drifter

The prancing horse badge of Ferrari adorns some of the greatest cars in the world, but this has led the company to be quite particular about what they let owners do with their Italian supercars. When a New Zealand mechanic managed to purchase a totalled Ferrari 456, the marque became hostile when they found out what he was doing to it.

But what was he doing with it? Well, it turns out that the front-end had major damage, so he quickly ripped out the engine and replaced it with a 13B Rotary unit. Reuben Bemrose, who runs R’s Garage in Wellington, “enjoys smashing out s**t projects”, to the point where he kept going with this despite it sucking his bank account dry. But when Ferrari sniffed about, they ended up getting a team of lawyers to send him a ‘cease and desist’ letter.

Bemrose responded to the letter, how exactly is unknown, but is now planning on taking the 456 drifting, and we believe turbocharging the 13B to within an inch of its life. He is, apparently, unphased by the big words of Ferrari, but we’re sure we’ll be hearing more from this as the car becomes more and more popular. With it winning ‘best engine swap’ at Rotary Reunion, it’s already racking up awards.

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  1. Ferrari is so bad about doing this, despite it being completely unenforceable. At least this isn’t one of the cases where Ferrari can threaten not to sell him cars in the future, since he’s not even a buyer to begin with.

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