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Five Of The Ugliest Ferraris In History

We recently brought you our top 10 ugliest cars of all-time list, and it probably comes as no surprise to you that there wasn’t a single Ferrari featured on it. The Italian brand is synonymous with gorgeous good looks and class – but there are a few ugly Ferrari’s (mostly concepts) out there and we’ve brought you our top five:

5. Ferrari GG50

The Ferarri GG50 is actually a concept car that was created to mark the fifty years that Giorgetto Giugiaro had been designing cars for Ferrari and it was introduced during the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show.

It’s not the ugliest Ferrari I’ve seen but it probably is the most boring looking. Thankfully it was a lot less boring under the hood with a 540bhp naturally aspirated V12 with a sequential gearbox.

 4. Ferrari 308 Rainbow

The person you can thank for number 4 on this list is Marcello Gandini. Gandini was the man behind the likes of the Lancia Stratos, Lamborghini Countach and this, the Ferrari 308 Rainbow. Not only is it horrible looking, but we also hate the name.

The Rainbow was based on the 308 GT4 which was already a big enough stray from the path for Ferrari. This created the ‘Dino‘ sub-brand and was used for the less powerful of the Ferrari’s (anything less than 12 cylinders) – which brought us 206, the 246 and of the course the GT4 you see here.

White the GT4, in my opinion, is nearly bad enough for this list – its nothing on the 308 Rainbow. Sorry, Dino fans.

3. 1965 Ferrari 330 ‘Shooting Brake’ (Vignale) 3

There aren’t many words to describe this one – I find the look very endearing but for a Ferrari you can’t deny that it’s ugly. I guess if you owned one of these, you had the beauty of being able to fit the dog and some suitcases into the back but I’m not sure it’s worth it.

I have a feeling this one could divide opinion though so bring it on!

2. 1956 Ferrari Superamerica 410 (Ghia)

This concept, designed by Ghia, is a real conversation starter. Ghia has worked for the likes of Chrysler on a number of designs but I think something must have been lost in translation when they teamed up with Ferrari.

The Ferrari’s take on US car design back in the 1950s is unprecedented across their range, and we think for good reason. It just doesn’t work and it takes away from the exotic reputation that Ferrari has crafted. Unsurprisingly it was the last time Ghia worked with Ferrari and thankfully it was never put into production.

1. Ferrari 400

In at number one is the Ferrari 400- easily the ugliest Ferrari ever to be brought to market. If I’m totally honest, it looks more comfortable coming out of an old Saab catalogue rather than a Ferrari.

Its design may not be the wildest on this list, but its boring look is almost what cements it at number 1. It was just laziness from the Italian car brand in terms of looks and that shines through in the design. It was also the bases of the Ferrari Pinin concept which is equally horrible.

Thankfully Ferrari is back to being top of their game, and what is a legacy without a few setbacks anyway?

And there you have it, Grand Tour Nation’s top 5 ugliest Ferraris ever to grace this earth. Let us know how we’re wrong in the comments below!

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  1. Come, the GG50 is pure 612 Scaglietti! Do you hate that too?
    It’s a fine-looking thing, and simple+clean+ elegant does not mean boring.

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