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Ford Confirms 2021 Bronco Will Have GOAT Mode

The Ford Bronco’s release date is only just round the corner, and its official July 13th unveiling is even closer. While Ford are obviously holding out until the big reveal date to give us all the information we need, they are giving us little smidges of detail here and there which is enough to keep us interested without giving too much away.

The latest bit of information that Ford have let slip is one that was actually confirmed all the way back in April, which with everything that has gone on this year, feels like an absolute age away. The information comes in the form of a tweet from Yahoo Finance and a clip from their interview with Ford Global Director of Icons, Dave Pericak.

In the interview, Pericak confirms that the Bronco will in fact have the highly anticipated GOAT mode. While GOAT is often an abbreviation for ‘Greatest Of All Time’, Ford actually coined the term long before that back in the 1960’s with their ‘Goes Over Any Terrain’ slogan for the original Bronco.

There aren’t too many details out there which give us a glimpse of what the GOAT mode will actually entail, but Pericak did confirm that the Bronco will be much more technologically advanced than the likes of the Jeep Wrangler. This would back up a statement made by Ford’s COO, Jim Farley, about the Bronco being a ‘much superior product’ than a Jeep off roader.

Pericak also confirmed that the Bronco Sport, despite having a unibody construction, will also be a capable offroader. He wasn’t able to confirm whether it will also have GOAT mode but we would assume so, at the very least it will probably be offered as an extra.

As the July 13th reveal date edges closer and closer, we’re sure to find out all manner of new information about the new Bronco. Until then, keep with Grand Tour Nation and we’re looking forward to seeing you at the Bronco event on the 13th.

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