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Ford Focus ST Driver Jumps Red Light, Promptly Meets Karma

We all love a convenient cop, especially when they conveniently appear just as some idiot is doing something monumentally idiotic. If you, like me, love to see complete idiots get their just desserts then today is your lucky day, as we have a doozie here for you.

This footage comes from YouTube user ‘CdnGlenwood‘ and comes right out of Canada. The video starts with the driver of a vehicle approaching a red light, there is a Ford Focus ST already stopped at the light in front of him.

At first glance, all seems well at the traffic lights, both cars are stopped, it is is dark and there isn’t many cars driving around it seems. It would appear that the driver of the Focus also noticed this and begins to edge forward before jumping the red light entirely, speeding off into the distance. A pretty stupid move considering the lights were just about to turn green.

I can’t lie, I am not entirely surprised by the drivers antics, considering the quite frankly vulgur HOONIGAN rear bumper sticker.

Any adept detectives watching the footage would have noticed that there was another car on the other side of the road waiting at the opposing traffic lights. Well, this vehicle turned out to be a very conveniently placed police car and the officer witnessed the whole thing first hand. They promptly flick on the blue and reds, pull a u-turn and head off after the Ford driver.

Before the Ford drivers foot can even reach the floor, they are being pulled over and the whole incident is over in a few seconds. All that is left of the video is for the driver filming the scene to drive past chuckling at the idiocracy displayed by the Focus ST driver.

Lets hope they learned their lesson, but going back to that bumper sticker… probably not. You can see the full video below:

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