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Ford Mustang Mach 1 Will Come To Europe For Very First Time

While Europe received the bog-standard Mustang from Ford, we were never able to get out hands on the potent and spikey GT350 thanks to the emissions regulations ruling out the ‘Voodoo’ V8. But now the American marque has seen the error in its ways and will be offering the new Mach 1 across the pond. Happy days.

Thanks to the Coyote V8 of the Mach 1, it’s perfectly legal for the Mach 1, alongside the GT and Bullitt to be sold in the UK. And thanks to Australia getting its hands on a right-hand drive version earlier than us (very jealous), we’ve already caught a glimpse of what it will look like.

At the moment the price of this special edition is unknown, but with the Bullitt reaching almost £50,000, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it reaching way over this.

Of course, it borrows a number parts from the GT500, including its rear wing, rear tyre spats, a diffuser, a rear axle cooling system, two heat exchangers and a front subframe.Currently, in the US, the Handling Package gives you access to that rear wing and Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tyres, as well as adjustable suspension at each corner and a more effective rear diffuser. We hope to have the same options available in the UK, but so far the tyres are Pilot Sport 4 S and there’s now wing. We’ll have to confirm closer to the time.

Sending power from the engine to the rear wheels will be either a 6-speed manual Tremec gearbox from the GT350 and GT500 or a 10-speed automatic. When orders start more than likely early next year, I’d urge you to choose the former.

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