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Ford Shelby Mustang GT350 Found Buried In The Woods – Pulled Out To Restore

When it comes to cars, there are barn finds, collections, and yard finds, and each one is unique.  This story is no different.  In 2015, Rick Parker’s friend walked into his business, ‘Signature Auto Classics’, and told him that he’d found “a Shelby in the woods”.

When they drove out to verify, they, sure enough, found what turned out to be an authentic ‘Shelby-American’ made, GT350 laying, partially submerged in mud, in the woods behind a house.  This particular GT350 was one that was made specifically for the Hertz rental car company, for their ‘Rent-A-Racer’ program that they had in the 1960s.  It was subsequently purchased by the current owner who was a school teacher and she used it as a (very cool) daily driver.

When Rick and his friend arrived, they didn’t offer to buy the car, but instead offered to help restore it.  The owner wasn’t interested at the time, and indeed had heard offers to purchase the car from visitors, tree-trimmers, and even the UPS and gas meter people, but now, five years or so later, the sons of the owner are ready to see this old beauty restored.

I’m confident Rick and his team will do an excellent job on this car, and can’t wait to see how she cleans up!

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