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Ford VS Ferrari Is Nominated For ‘Best Picture’ In This Year’s Oscars

On Monday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revealed their nominations for the 2020 Oscars’ Best Picture, and while it’s full of excellent films from the last year, as a petrolhead, one stands out for me: Ford VS Ferrari. Helps that it’s at the top of the list.

The historic racing film stars Matt Damon as the talented tuner Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale as racing driver Ken Miles as they fight for Ford to put an end to Ferrari‘s endless success at the Le Mans. It’s an incredible story covered by car programs such as The Grand Tour, and it was incredibly successful compared to similarly timed films which didn’t do too well. See our article that compared Ford VS Ferrari to Charlie’s Angels.

Ford VS Ferrari Is Nominated For 'Best Picture' In This Year's Oscars

The fact that this film is being considered for a Best Picture is brilliant, as a car orientated film has only been nominated twice for a Best Picture in the 92 year history of the Oscars with the films Max Max: Fury Road in 2015, and American Graffiti in 1973. Bullitt won an Oscar for sound in 1968, but recent car films have yet to gain any real momentum lately.

Ford VS Ferrari received overall positive reviews despite its not-so-accurate story telling, but this is a necessary when marketing the film to a mainstream audience. But what it lost in that regard, it gained in not only making the regular person interested in the story of the rivalry, but it also pushed Ken Miles into the spotlight.

The Oscars will be airing on February 9, but if you do miss it, or have better things to do, you can always catch up here as we’ll be covering the success of Ford Vs Ferrari during the night.

Alex Harrington

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