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General Motors Issued With Lawsuit Over Corvette C7 Wheels Cracking And Bending

For the most part, the reception of the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray has been very positive, but the release hasn’t been without its own hurdles – we recently reported of the stitching on the leather dashboard not running straight in the C8, which let’s be honest, is an incredible oversight considering how much one of these things cost. However, this is just a minor issue in the grand scheme of things with Corvette owners GM having a class action lawsuit filed against them over the wheels on the C7 Corvette Z06 and the Corvette Grand Sport being prone to bending and cracking.

Kehoe Law Firm, P.C., who filed the suit, announced the case on their website:

Kehoe Law Firm, P.C. is making consumers aware that a class action lawsuit was filed on March 31, 2020 against General Motors LLC in United States District Court, Northern District of California, on behalf of all persons in the United States who purchased or leased any Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (2015 to present) or Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport (2017 to present) vehicle designed, manufactured, marketed, distributed, sold, warranted, and/or serviced by General Motors LLC (“GM”).

Sadly, this is not the first time that concerns surrounding the wheels and the C7 Z06 and Grand Sport have been raised – for example, Car and Driver documented that they had to repair six damaged wheels during their 40,000 mile testing period with the C7 Grand Sport loaned to them by General Motors themselves. The Corvette forums are also awash with owner complaints of cracking wheels.

Furthermore, this is not the first time a lawsuit has been filed against General Motors regarding this issue. In May 2019, a man filed another lawsuit against General Motors, alleging that the two of the wheels on his rented 2018 Corvette were bent, and that he was forced to pay over $7,500 for a new set. Allegedly Chevrolet refused to replace them and only compensated him a measly $1,200 for the trouble.

If you feel like this has impacted you and your Corvette, you are encouraged to get in touch with Kehoe Law Firm P.C. directly. Buying a car isn’t cheap, especially when buying new – and we all hope that the quality assurances have been made before we get behind the wheel.

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