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Genius Garage Makes Wild 100 MPG Sports Car to Rival VW XL1 and Dodge Viper

What an exciting time we live in, first you have killer bees, then you have Kanye 2020, now you have the Omega Car. If you wonder what exactly makes a car “omega,” well that would be a fuel-efficiency over 100 miles to the gallon, and a 0-60 equal to a Dodge Viper– under 4 seconds.

The experimental ‘high-efficiency recyclable concept” is the brain child of Genius Garage’s Casey Putsch. He runs a workshop for bright minds, and love inventing and engineering on his Youtube channel.

Putsch says that the car was somewhat complete back in 2013, before he had a Youtube channel, but now he has taken it further towards the finish line. It’s a Speed Runner-esque white body, which he has mated to a 2.0L TDI diesel engine from a VW Beetle.

It’s been tuned to the extent that it will do burnouts, and sure seems fast, even if it has more gains to be had before outrunning a Viper.

Once the car testing is baselined they will tune the car for minimum emissions and get all the systems ready for tuning and achieving performance figures. After the car is sorted, Casey intends to take the car on a tour of the United States.

The Omega will likely remind you of the VW XL1, which was a very interesting project. It achieved 260 mpg, and was realistically designed to be a practical car. VW sold the XL1 in limited numbers starting in 2014, but only in Germany.

Unlike the XL1, which wasn’t exactly fast, the Omega will be tuned for a more speedy driver. Although, it’s unclear whether or not the Omega will get such great efficiency results across its whole range of driving conditions. I would assume it got 100 mpg while driven normally, but far less while drag racing.

There’s something sweet about those wheel covers. If they do so much to improve fuel economy, I wonder if they could also prevent your car from being booted.

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