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Going On A Grand Tour? Here’s How To Keep Your Home Life On Track

A grand tour is one of those monumental, once in a lifetime adventures which require proper preparation. The grand tour started as a trip undertaken by young, wealthy gentlemen as they came of age. They’d travel across Europe, visiting the most important landmarks. Nowadays, the term is synonymous with a long tour in the form of a drive. It doesn’t always have to stick to Europe either with some taking the tour far afield to make the most of the trip. However, what has changed is the fact that the tour is no longer in the realm of youngsters. Anyone can, and do, go. However it does mean that these people are often leaving lives behind, ones which can be super busy and need management. Here are some top tips to keep things ticking over while you can enjoy your grand tour.

Don’t Miss Out On The Important Stuff

There’s no doubt you’ll miss out on a few things while you’re away. You’ll be able to keep up with people using your email account, and your phone, but it still means things will slip. There are things you can do to keep up. If you run your own business, you don’t want to miss out on mail if you’re a one-person operation with no one else at your place of business. A lot of business owners think along the lines of “how can I change the address for my small business while I’m touring”, however, instead, write out to your clients, to your suppliers and utility holders telling them you’ll be away from the office for a while, and that all-important letters need to be emailed instead. You’ll know that the important stuff will reach you and that if something goes wrong you have the evidence that you told them you wouldn’t be in the office. Alternatively, you could ask a friend or family member to check the post once or twice a week and forward anything super important to you.

Set Reminders

When you’re on a tour, every day is different. You’ll meet diverse and interesting people while seeing a new site each and every day. It means you forget things. Things like important dates, birthdays, billing dates, etc. Make sure you set a load of reminders before you go. Just set them on your phone and you’ll get a notification. Do whatever you need to do as soon as the notification goes live. If you cancel it and put your phone away, odds are you’ll end up forgetting about it. With your reminder, you’ll be able to keep things ticking over back home and ensure you don’t forget anything important. Just be sure you’ve kept your phone charged. No doubt you’ll have a charger, but make sure you have one which can charge while you’re driving too.

Virtual Assistant?

Many business owners are hiring virtual assistants to help them out. It’s something you could consider doing while you’re away on the Grand Tour. It’s great for busy freelancers or business owners. You won’t have to worry about combing your emails every day, which will of course take huge amounts of time away from enjoying what you’re doing on a day to day basis. Instead, a virtual assistant can answer emails, create a schedule for when you go back to work, and ensure nothing hugely important goes missing. They can come at a myriad of costs, you just need to find one with the skills needed. Make sure you get on with them and they’re a good fit and be sure they know exactly what their duties are before you hire.

Keep Finances In Check

You certainly don’t want any money woes while you’re away, so make sure you’ve moved money into the right accounts. You’ll probably be using a specific card when you’re travelling. Likely one which has little to no fees. Before you start transferring cash, be sure that you know from which accounts your bills are debited. A grand tour usually lasts a while, and you need to know what’s coming out when. You don’t want to come home to any red letters due to missed payments because you’ve made a mistake. It’s well worth sitting down for an hour and ensuring the right accounts have the correct amount in. You’d be surprised how many small direct debits and charges there are. Better get it right than make a mistake that could in some way end up damaging your credit report if you miss something major in terms of finance.

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