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Goldrush Rally Founder Named As Driver In Multiple Crash Gemballa Tuned Porsche GT Incident

Yesterday we reported on a Gemballa Mirage GT crashing into multiple vehicles in Manhatten, causing untold damage to the vehicle and the driver (obviously) being arrested. We mentioned at the end of the article that this was a developing story, and boy, has it developed.

The driver of said vehicle and causer of said damage was none other than Benjamin Chen, the founder of the Goldrush Rally – for those unaware, the Goldrush Rally is an annual event that see’s car enthusiasts (who also happen to have rather deep pockets) drive across several states in the space of a week and do as much partying as they can along the way. During the 2014 edition of the rally, Chen managed to hit 246.4 mph on a public road in his Bugatti Veyron Super Sport – the road in question was near to Ketchum, Idaho. Benjamin Chen is pictured here below holding a fresh new pair of Nikes.

The incident this past Tuesday took place on the streets of Manhattan when Chen lost control of his Gemballa tuned Porsche and crashed into a mini van in the Hell’s Kitchen area – to ours, the police and the witnesses surprise, he continued driving and ended up smashing into more cars before being stopped by the police at an intersection.

According to the New York Post, Police have charged Chen with reckless driving (no surprises there) as well as operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs. It is not yet known as to what he was intoxicated with at the time, but we can only assume it was something pretty strong.

The Carrera GT that was being driven, or should we say being destroyed, was one of only 25 tuned by Gemballa and was originally painted grey. Chen acquired the car in 2014 and painted her blue to honour his late fathers passing. The reason for this was before his father passed away they both bought a 911 together which was painted blue, as Chen revealed in an interview with duPont Registry in 2014.

Stick with us here at Grand Tour Nation for further updates while this story develops.

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