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Gran Turismo 7 Makes One Change That JDM Fans Might Not Appreciate

One of the greatest parts of the Gran Turismo series of games was the way every player started with an old, slow car. Something JDM was often on the menu for me, and I’d soon be working my way up to the likes of a Mazda MX5 – I always liked lightness over power.

Eventually, I’d start saving for something much more interesting, though. Something with motor racing history like a Nissan Skyline or something Rotary-powered. They were affordable yet interesting enough to keep me playing. But in Gran Turismo 7, it looks as though this might not be possible.

A recent State of Play trailer has given us insight into the pricing of cars, and it’s looking as though our favourite JDM cars are following in the footsteps of their real-life counterparts… they’re all very expensive.

“At the Used Car Dealer players can purchase cars for more affordable prices,” says the narrator in the video. “However, some very popular used cars may be sold at an even higher price than when they originally came out,” he warns us. “These include the Japanese sports cars of the ’90s that are seeing a boom in popularity worldwide.”

This means that when you start rolling up your sleeves to look for something a bit spicier than an MX5, you might have to fork over a large wad of cash to get your hands on something like a Supra or a GT-R, which will be much harder to achieve in the upcoming game.

Fortunately, to keep our interest, Gran Turismo has got some of the original designers of cars to talk about the design of their cars in-game at a Car Cafe. This is a place you can go to learn more about the history of your favourite car manufacturers. Most brands will even have their own museums for you to dive into their lineage.

Gran Turismo 7 will be available to purchase on March 4, and will have over 400 cars available to buy and over 34 places to drive them. Alongside this, developers Polyphony have promised a more immersive experience thanks to a number of audio changes they’ve made.

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